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Wild Prairie Wednesday's

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hello all! Katey Halbert here - WPW's horn player extraordinaire :) I hope you enjoyed my social media takeover on April 22nd. If you missed it, feel free to shimmy on over to our insta account @wildprairiewinds to see my adventures.

I was really excited to share my day with you because I know how challenging it's been to have a "normal" day recently. My day felt normal only because I interacted with so many of my students and spent time on the horn, but days like today it feels less so. Each Wednesday for the foreseeable future, the quintet members will cycle through the social media take over. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our followers, and we're hoping that our continuous sharing of our lives will bring some smiles to your day.

This coming Wednesday will be our bassoonist, Shawn Seguin! Be sure to tune in for a day of dad jokes, reed making, and shenanigans.

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